Palm oil processing machines in Nigerian Overseas Warehouse sells well

The first batch of cooking oil processing machine and palm oil processing machine has been successfully finished customs clearance and have been shipped to Nigeria overseas warehouse. This batch of equipment mainly includes: 300-500kg/h palm oil press machine, 1tph double screw palm oil press machine, 500kg/h palm kernel oil expeller, hydraulic oil press machine, home use oil press machine, small oilseeds roastor, palm nuts sheller, 2-3tph palm kernel cracker and separator, crude cooking oil filter machine and so on. The above equipment is our star products, they all sell well in Nigerian market.

palm oil processing machine This photo show us the main equipment that we have shipped to the Nigeria Overseas Warehouse

I think this really a good news for most people who want to start palm oil processing business or cooking oil processing business. On the one hand, customer can see the real machines they need when visiting warehouse. If they are satisfied with everything, they can directly buy palm oil machine in our Nigerian warehouse. On the other hand, they don’t need to wait near 2months delivery time and don't need to spend any extra money to pay the customs clearance cost for importing machine.

Are you excited? Do you want to own these devices quickly?Welcome to contact us, our sale manager can arrange for you to visit the palm oil processing machine.

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