Palm kernel oil extraction plant

palm kernel oil extraction
Palm kernel oil extraction

Palm Kernel Oil Extraction
Proper kernel pre-treatment is necessary to efficient palm kernel oil extraction efficiently. The feed kernels must first be cleaned of foreign materials that may cause damage to the pressing, increasing maintenance costs and down time, and contamination of products. Magnetic separators commonly are installed to remove metal debris, while vibrating screens are used to sieve sand, stones or other undesirable materials.
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction
The kernel flakes are then conveyed to a stack cooker for steam conditioning, the purpose of which is to:
    a> adjust the moisture content of the meal to an optimum level;
    b> rupture cell walls (initiated by rolling);
    c> reduce viscosity of oil;
· coagulate the protein in the meal to facilitate separation of the oil from protein materials.
Palm Kernel Oil Extraction
The meal flows from the top compartment down to the fifth compartment in series. At each stage a mechanical stirrer agitates the meal. Steam trays heat the cookers, and live steam may be injected into each compartment when necessary. The important variables are temperature, retention time and moisture content. In the palm kernel, the meals are normally cooked to a moisture content of 3 percent at 104-110°C.

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