Palm oil machines

At present, there are about 20countries produce palm oil in the world. Malaysia and Indonesia are two largest palm oil producing countries in the world. With widely used in palm oil industry, more and more palm oil machines are created. The expansion of consumption of palm oil and extensive use in the industry, promote the rapid promotion of palm oil production. Compare with other oil, the palm oil has low prices. In the world and part of region, the development of economy created a palm oil consumption peak, promoting the vigorous development of palm oil machines.

palm oil machine
Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co.,ltd. is specialized in palm oil press machine with advanced processing equipments.Since 1986,as a palm oil production company, our product have passed international ISO9001 quality. Besides, the palm oil processing equipment reached the advanced level in the line. Our products have exported to many other countries in the world.Looking forward to establishing business relationship with you.

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