Small scale mustard oil processing equipment will shipped to Bangladesh

This is a small scale mustard oil processing equipment was ordered by one of our client in Bangladesh. The mustard oil processing equipment is one machine that used to extract mustard oil from mustard seeds. This order is made up of mustard seeds roaster and mustard oil expeller. Mustard seeds roaster is used for frying many oil plant seeds such as peanuts, rapeseeds, sunflower, soybean, sesame seeds, chestnut, cotton seed, coconut, etc. Mustard oil expeller is of simple structure, it is easy to install, operate and maintain. Support continuous working with either hot or cold pressing. Mustard oil expeller is ideal choice for small and medium size oil pressing plant.

Photos about this project are listed below. Feel free to contact us if need more details of our mustard oil processing equipment and you are also welcome to tell us your plan and let us help you start your own mustard oil plant.

mustard seeds roaster
60kg/h mustard seeds roaster
mustard oil expeller
30-55kg/h mustard oil expeller

Specification of mustard oil processing equipment:
Product name : Mustard seeds roaster Product name : Mustard oil expeller
Model: DY-60 Model : DY-30
Screw diameter: 55mm
Electric motor power: 0.55kw
Screw rotate speed: 64r/min
Volume of the roaster: 15kg
Power—Main engine: 2.2kw Every Roasting time: 15 minutes
Power—Vacuum pump: 0.75kw    
Power—heater: 0.9kw    
Capacity: 30-55kg/h
Capacity: 60kg/h
Weight: 180kg
Weight:  50kg
Overalls size: 1200*480*1100mm
Overall size:  1150*600*900mm
Voltage: 220v
Voltage: 220V  

We believe that this would be a good and new beginning for Bangladesh market about mustard oil processing business.

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