Market research of nigeria palm oil production

A team of Henan Doing Company took a business trip to Nigeria for about 15 days (July 5~20, 2018). The aim of this trip is more than visiting our clients. We want to get an deep understanding of the palm oil processing plant in Nigeria, and the needs of local palm oil production industry. In this trip, our team went to 6 cities of Nigeria including Lagos, 6 cities of Nigeria, including Lagos,  Abuja, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda,Ghana.

A team of Henan Doing Company took a business trip to Nigeria for about 15 days

Palm Oil Processing Industry in Nigeria
The followings are some photos took during the trip. If you are planning to start a palm oil mill plant for manufacturing palm oil or refined palm oil, feel free to get intouch weith us, and we are always glad to help you make the best business plan depending on you specific situation and needs!

oil palm plantation
Palm oil plantation

palm oil extarction machine
The local palm oil extraction machine

crude palm oil
Crude palm oil produced by the local palm oil extraction machine

how to separate palm kernel and nut shell
The picture show us how to separate palm kernel and nut shell in local

Palm oil is a kind of plant oil made from palm fruit. It is one of the largest produced, consumed and traded oils in the world, which is called The World’s Three Major Vegetable Oils together with soybean oil and rapeseed oil. Palm oil after pressing, refining and fractionation can get different melting point products, which are widely used in catering industry, food industry and oil & fat industry. As the main production areas of palm oil, Southeast Asia and Africa produces about 88% of the world's palm oil, while Indonesia, Malaysia and Nigeria are the world's top three palm oil producers.  Since global demand is on the rise, so set up the palm oil mill plant is necessary. If you want to start palm oil processing business, you need to learn about the palm oil production process.Our company is professional in manufacturing palm oil processing plant for years. At present, we research and design a new technology of palm oil processing plant, based on our rich experience in palm oil plant.

Business Outlook of Nigeria palm oil production industry
Traditionally palm oil is one of the main edible oil to the Nigerian farmers. It is also widely consumed in other African countries. The four main traditional uses of palm oil in food products are for cooking/frying oil, shortenings, and margarine and confectionary fats. Palm oil is popularly used in both solid fat products as well as in the liquid cooking oil sector especially in industrial frying applications. Palm oil is randomly produced in every nook and corner of Nigeria. Nigerians say, if they produce it commercially it will be the substitute to white-gold even oil, exporting which they can earn a lot of foreign currency which will boost up their economy as well as it will create job opportunities which will help to eradicate employment problem. That will raise the country to the level of the developed state.

distribution of oil palm in Nigeria
Distribution of oil palm in Nigeria

Palm oil,Refied palm oil, palm olein,palm stearin made from palm fruit;
Palm oil extraction process:

Palm fruit/bunch → sterilization → threshing → digesting&pressing → clarification → purification →dring → CPO→ refining → bleaching → deodorizing →RBD palm oil → crystallization → fractionation → RBD olein & RBD stearin

palm oil extarction process
Palm oil extraction process which can extract palm oil from palm fruit
Palm kernel oil extraction process:
Palm kernel →Cleaning → crushing → pressing → CPKO → refining → RBDPK oil , RBDPK olein & RBDPK stearin

palm kernel oil extraction machine
Palm kernel oil extraction machine

Above is the main introduction of palm oil production industry . If you are interested in start a palm oil processing business, this palm oil mill plant is sure to surprise you! Feel free to send us an inquiry through email if you have any questions about our palm oil machines!

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