Palm oil refinery

palm oil refinery
Palm oil refinery

Palm oil refinery is to get rid of harmful impyrities and needless substances in the crude oil.Palm oil refinery includes two main parts:crude palm oil refinery and palm oil fractionation.Through palm oil refinery,we can get improve the palm oil storage,flavor and color.
Work flow of palm oil refinery:

palm oil refinery process
Palm oil refinery process

1.Degumming: pumping crude oil into oil refining tank, stirring quickly, and simultaneously heating by steam or heat-transfer oil(in plate pipes). Then the hot water is added for hydration and degumming.
2.Deacidification:alkali is added in the palm oil refinery to remove the FFA. NaOH, not only used to neutralize free fatty acid, but also can act with other materials in oil , like, protein, mucilage, phospholipid, pigment, etc. All in all, alkali refining has the synthetic action of de-acid, degum, de-impurity,
3Decolorization: inhaling the definite quantity white clay into the oil by vacuum, then they are continue stirred and heated for  25mins. After pumping the oil and clay mixture into vibrating filter to remove the waste clay, the decolorization is finished.
4.Deodorization: after the decolorized oil pumped to the deodorization pot or the deodorization tower, it’s begin to heat. Then the direct steam is added to take the odors away.
 palm oil refinery
Palm oil refinery
Work flow of Palm oil fractionation
palm oil fractionation
Palm oil fractionation process

1.Pre-processing: oil is to be stored in a storage tank with constant stirring so as to avoid solid fat sedimentation and to ensure even crude oil to be sent to the palm oil fractionation plant.
2.Crystallization: crystallizer is a cylinder container with big cooling area and special stirrer which ensure the maximum evenness and the high efficiency of heat exchanger in crystallization process. 
3.Filtering: crystallized RBD palm oil is conveyed to diaphragm filter though a filter pump. Finally unloading the palm stearin from the plates.
palm oil fractionation
Palm oil fractionation

According to customers' requirements, our professional engineers would help customer design and install the whole crude palm oil refinery plant and palm oil fractionation plant with turnkey service and 1 year warranty.

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