Nigerian customer successfully purchased a 500kg/h palm oil expeller machine from Henan Glory Company

Good news, a Nigerian customer successfully purchased a set of 500kg/h palm oil expeller machine from Henan Glory Company. The palm oil expeller machine he purchased is driven by diesel, which can achieve normal production and operation in areas with unstable electricity.

palm oil expeller machineSmall scale palm oil expeller machine produced by Henan Glory Company

On February 9, 2022, a Nigerian customer launched an inquiry to us through the website of Henan Glory Company. During the communication, we learned that the Nigerian customer special purchased 200 hectares of oil palm plantation to start palm oil processing business. At first we recommended the customers to buy a 1TPH palm oil expeller machine (Related reading: 1tph, 5tph, 10tph, 15tph double screw palm oil press machine ), but the customer told us that his budget is limited. Later, in order to help customers to carry out palm oil processing business smoothly, Henan Glory Company recommended a 500kg/h palm oil expeller machine to the customer according to the current situation of the customer. The customer appreciated our professional service and expressed that they would continue to cooperate with Henan Glory Company if they expanded production or made profits in the future.

The customer communicated with us on after-sales guarantee and payment subsequently. After learning that we have done many large, medium and small palm oil /palm kernel oil processing projects in Nigeria local, and have overseas warehouses in Nigeria that can support the collection of both Dollars and Naira, the client immediately said that we were the company he wanted to cooperate with. In order to get the equipment and put it into production as soon as possible, the customer went to the bank to complete the payment and sent our bank slip as soon as the negotiation ended.

palm oil processing machine Photo of Nigeria overseas warehouse of Henan Glory Company

Henan Glory Company not only has advanced palm oil production equipment, but also has a comprehensive after-sales service system. Henan Glory Company will provide reliable support for your palm oil production with professional technology and service. If you need, please contact us, Henan Glory Company welcome your consultation!

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