How long does it take to build one palm oil mill?

It will take about 6-12months to build one palm oil mill. (From the buyer and the seller signed the contract to the palm oil mill put into production.) Setting up one palm oil mill mainly include five part :design drawing, drawing inspecting, producing machine, shipping, installation & commissioning.

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You may be curious why the range of construction time is large and how long does each section take? At here, i will give you a brief introduction.

Palm oil mill construction time is decided on the capacity you plan to build.

For small scale palm oil mill with 1-5t/h capacity, it will take about 6 months. For example, We built 3t/h palm oil pressing plant in Nigeria in 2017 year. It totally took 6 months since buyer place order from us to the palm oil mill put into production. At first, our engineer design drawing and drawing inspecting take about 20 days. Secondly, our factory took about 45 days to finish production. Thirdly, shipping will take about 45 days from China port to Lagos port. After receiving palm oil processing machine, we send one chief engineer to guide installation, commissioning machine and train buyer’s worker how to operate machine, it took about 2 months.

palm oil mill plant 3tph palm oil mill plant project in Nigeria

Friendly reminder: During the installation process, buyer ‘s preparation and cooperation is very important. Buyer need to prepare build workshop in advance. The most important, buyer need to hire high skill welders, electricians and labor to cooperate with our chief engineer. Or it will delay customer’s palm oil mill project schedule .

For large scale palm oil mill like 15tph, 30tph, 45tph, 60tph, It will take about 12months. For example, We built 80t/h palm oil mill plant in Indonesia in 2008. It total took 12 months to install the palm oil mill project. It took about 1 month to design drawing, and 3 months to finish production. Shipping took about 20 days, The one that takes the most time is installation, it took about 8 months.

palm oil mill plant 80tph palm oil mill plant project in Indonesia

We’ve been producing palm oil processing machine for more than 10 years. If you plan to build one palm oil mill plant, please contact us. We will give you professional suggestion about whole palm oil mill plant project’s time. Meanwhile, our engineer group will design professional palm oil processing technical process and our factory will guarantee good quality for you .

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