Palm oil vitamin E

Date:2014-10-23/ Industry news/ Chat Online
Palm oil derived from oil palm fruit represents the richest source of the lesser characterized vitamin E, α-tocotrienol. One of 8 naturally occurring and chemically distinct vitamin E analogs, α-tocotrienol possesses unique biological activity that is independent of its potent antioxidant capacity.
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Vitamin E content in Fats & Oils
While lipid-soluble vitamin E accounts for less than 1% of total palm oil content, it plays an important role in preserving oil stability and shelf-life while contributing to the health benefit of dietary palm oil consumption. The vitamin E family members are widely recognized and characterized for their antioxidant capacity; a growing body of scientific literature now also recognizes their antioxidant-independent functions, with therapeutic potential in pathologic disorders ranging from cancer to cerebrovascular disease.
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Palm oil in Vitamin
Palm oil is loaded with so many nutrients and antioxidants it’s like a natural dietary supplement. In fact, it is currently being encapsulated and sold as a vitamin E supplement.

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