Nigerian client ordered a 2tph palm kernel oil making machine from Henan Glory Company

On the date of April 4th, 2022, we received payment from Nigeria client who ordered one set of 2tph palm kernel oil making machine from our Lagos warehouse. The major equipment included in this order is palm nuts cracker, palm kernel roaster, palm kernel oil expeller and plate and frame filter machine.

nigeria overseas warehouseHenan Glory Company's overseas warehouse in Nigeria

The client has been contacting with us since 2018, and he met with our boss in Nigeria before the covid. He wanted to set up palm oil mill plant and palm kernel oil mil plant at the beginning, but due to finance shortage, the client finally choose to start with palm kernel oil production business. While the palm oil pressing part continues to working with the previous old palm oil processing equipment.

On the last day of March, 2022, our project manager sent message to the client to inform him about promotion of machines in Lagos. The next day, our client arranged his friend to go and check the machine in our Nigerian overseas warehouse. The client was satisfied with our machine, and then arranged payment very soon.

Apart from the palm kernel oil making machine, we also manufacture and supply complete machines for palm oil production, palm oil further production and palm kernel oil further production. We can also supply palm oil and palm kernel oil making machines in various size and configuration. If you have some special requirements, our project manager can give you suggestion and provide best solution based on your condition and requirements. If you want to get into palm oil or palm kernel oil processing business, feel free to contact us any time!

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