You cann't miss Malaysia’s palm oil plantations

Date:2014-12-23/ Industry news/ Chat Online
Palm oil plantations are very common in Malaysia and important to Malaysia now, visitors get their first glimpse of the palms that are now ubiquitous across the country on the descent into Kuala Lumpur International Airport;

Palm oil is not native to Malaysia but it is now the country’s second biggest export, worth 83.4 bn Malaysian ringgit in 2011.

palm oil plantations
palm oil plantations in Malaysia

After Indonesia, Malaysia is the world’s biggest producer of the commodity, which is used in a wide range of products from ice cream to cleaning fluids and chocolate.

As we know, palm oil is used in cooking, as an ingredient in foods, cosmetics, and soaps, and can be refined into various useful chemicals (“oleo-chemicalas” from vegetable oils or animal fats), including bio-diesel. Oleo-chemicals are to palm oil what petro-chemicals are to crude oil.
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